Lyrics (Urania)

01. Rough Waters  Music/Words: Daniel Arena

I am swimming around
Turbulent waters

All anchors untied

All Right

My compass shows south
Doesnt matter
No islands on sight
Looks fine


The conscious outpost
Inner gatherings
Strong rips drag me by

All Right


The fog my headmaster
What´s the matter
No destiny in sight
More than fine


And I know, the storm is around

And rough waters sheltered me down


And you I´ve always tried to ground
And I flow, I surround
And rough waters lead my way

And I know what matters now, no battleground


I am sinking around, darkest waters
Mist blurs my eyes
All Right


My compass shows North

Lost forever
Completely confined
Perfectly fine

02. San Andreas Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Singing alone, walking by
San Andreas streets always make me smile


Drifting around, head to the clouds

My head is high, my joy just touches the ground


Here I belong, love multiplies

Sorrow liquifies

I am glad I am here alive


Have found my safest port
San Andreas always brings their mariners
back onboard


On times of few
My city fills
My heart and soul with infinite joy/love


No sinking ship
Just forward winds

Serene Ocean for me to cross.


Fancy shops or big shopping malls

No, we dont have it here at all


Expensive cars, great jewelery

The greatest richness here is liberty


The weight of years feel light to me

The more I seek, the less I need

03. My Dog Can Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Can, staring at the door

Wait buddy, to leave was not my fault


Can, keep running thru the lawn
Come buddy, your joy just says it all


Can, mistaken by the cars
The wait for me never been so long


Can, sleeping by my feet
Together our warmth is just easier to keep


Everytime I see you Can

Everytime I hug you

Everytime I am with you, Can

Everytime you´re here my friend


Can, is running thru the sand

Life is this buddy, nothing else to comprehend


Can, awakening by the wall
Come buddy, your joy just shows it all


Can the simple things

Always stay with me


Can I ask for a better company


Can, staring at the door
Wait buddy, to leave was not my fault

05. Burning Moon Music: Daniel Arena
Words: Daniel Arena /  Flavia Eberhardt                                                               

Rising Sun, Obscure Constelation
Gravitaiting, strongly drawn to you


Fading Moon, drifting spaceship
Accelerating, colision course to you


I uncover my eyes
From your starry skies

Sooner or Later, I´m gonna catch ya


You´re a farce, you´re a faker
Falling Star, Black Hole Maker


Freezing Sun, burning full moon

No longer my universe belongs to you


I´ve discovered your lies
From your blurry eyes
Sooner or later I was going to catch ya


You aint gonna make it up

Gonna make it thru

06. Caged Heart Music/Words:  Daniel Arena                                                     

When you came, I dont know

Touched me cold like snow


And you come to me once again
And my heart got caged, trapped again


All the time, all the lines
On my mind

And our bounds got gently broken


Stories unbound, separating parts of my heart

Conclusions not found, a grief glimpse of time


We got lost in life´s flow

No more room for our love to grow, no more room


All the time, all the lies

On my mind

And the words never got spoken

When you came, I dont know
But the words never got spoken

07. Rats in Town Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Can´t you feel the black flies around

You know when they come to breed


Can´t you smell the poison around

You know when it´s time to drink


Have you seen all your Saints around
You know when you should believe


Sure you live ghosting around
Your sold for sure haunted down


Can´t you feel the fire around
You know when it´s burning free


Can´t you sense when the storm is around
You know when it´s time to flee


Have you prayed to your Saints around

Because the rats are in town


And we all fade
We all Decay
The times are lean
The black voided spirit wanders everywhere

And we all fake
We all pretend
The times are rich
The blooded red spirit arrives everywhere

Can´t you feel the fire around
Can´t you sense the storm around


Have you made your prayers around
Because the rats are in town

08. The Mist Music/Words:  Daniel Arena                                                    

I can see clearly the burning skies

In my mind it just reminds

Of the phases

Of my life

As we grow

Our battles declared


Stormy clouds, raging times
Ofensive winds
I walk to the rocks


As we care
and we share
As we know

Our debris everywhere


I can feel the hurricane

The storm, the mist of day


And we go
and we spin

The eternal wheel of impermanence

09. Walk thru the shade
 Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Walk thru the shade
Among those graves


Walk pass the pines

Our heart combine


Climb up your smile

Our love worthwhile


We draw our lines
Our souls colide


And all those promises we made to the wind
They´ve flown around and return as a blessing


And all those stories we shared to the land

They´ve grown around and return as a gift


We cross the river
No longer a drifter


Just you and I
No aliens nearby

10. Valley of Shadows Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Thru this Valley of Shadows
Thru this Walls of Surrender


All harshness for myself
The softness to everyone else


And I wish you to be here on my horse


Thru these Rivers of Darkness

Feel the stillness of sadness


My fate poored in the dust
My life hold on demand


And this time my spirit will ride free once again


Thru this Valley of Shadows
All those arguments not meant to be


Final gate is getting closer
Aproaching the despair boulders

Those lines carved in my flesh
Those sins I could never confess

And this time my spirit is free from stormy times


Thru this Valley of Shadows
All those arguments not meant to be

11. Kerosene Drinking 
Music/Words:  Daniel Arena   

Standing cold on fire

What´s all about?


Over the same old fears

Those that draged me here


Burning time, wasting life

What´s all about?


Wishing speed, just speed

That´s all about


Eating rubber, drinking kerosene

Riding roads not built for me


Smelling anger, spitting evil seeds

Going places I should not be


Standing still in hell

That´s all about


Break those same old fears

My steps brought me here

13. Ocean Drops Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Pure ocean drops I feel
As blue blows they come around

And the air inside the white beach foam

Shows me you

All Bright


Clean ocean drops I see

As blue mirrors reflecting around

And the images shown to me
Project me you
All Shines


The sun above us will shine
Makes we come back to life

And suddenly we start to fly

Right up and thru the sky


And high we go. Deep Dive


Crystal ocean drops I breathe
As blue diamonds shinning around

And the glow radiates from us

Jewels from inside out

Deep bright


And all those rusty frames

Broken down, around empty scenes


Long time gone memories

Fill my soul no longer, neither my dreams

14. In my head Music/Words:  Daniel Arena

Everytime you´re in my dreams
I tumble off my bed


Every morning when coffe is ready
I smell you in the air


And I´ve seen the faces
And I´ve been to places


Moving thru the city
Walking hand in hand
Lunchtime at the table with me

But you´ve never been there


And I´ve been to places
And I´ve seen the faces


You´re the only certain thing
That always pays a visit to my head


You´re around
Daytime is dreamtime

Always around
But you do not exist


Serving you a whisky
Drinking drops of you
Dancing all night long, so good
But my shoes are the only pair


And I´ve been to places
And I´ve seen so many faces


My lifetime you´re around

All the time you´re around

Daytime is dreamtime
Always around
But you never existed